What’s the point of having a dream?

Sylvia spends a lot of time daydreaming about life after the year 2020.

“There’s no point in thinking about 2020 anymore,” she says to her friend, I can’t think of a single experience that has positively contributed to my life.”

Come to think of it, when Sylvia looks back to years 2019- 2018- 2017…she recalls highlights which make her heart feel fulfilled and lighter.

She digs even deeper into her heart and asks these questions:

(NOTE: Answers in this moment seem mostly unclear.)

Who or what gives me the strength to move forward each day, each year?

My mom, dog and friends

Is my life action-oriented or am I passing time without a clear direction?

I don’t have clear direction. Is that why my outlook is bleak?

How do I practice my core values? Share my spiritual gifts? Express my passion?

I want to make a difference in the world.

What impact do I make in the lives I touch?

It feels like I’m the one who calls first, makes plans and reaches out to share news. Although I don’t like one-sided relationships, I don’t know how to change these dynamics without breaking up with these people.

Does any part of my life or my relationships inspire a consistent practice of what I stand for?

Not really. I spend a lot of time complaining about the world mess and blaming leaders who appear not to care or do anything significant to clean things up.

Life can be a jumbled-up puzzle without a personal mission statement. Do you have one?

The best image to summarize Sylvia’s life?

“I am a 5000-piece puzzle. Once opened, the box’s contents are dumped onto a table. So many loose pieces are waiting to come together. When the puzzle is assembled, there is one piece missing in the center. I search all over for it with no luck.

What do I need to do to find the center and complete the puzzle?”

Right around the time Sylvia is exploring her “life puzzle”, an email pops up in her inbox with an intriguing headline. Is it time to clear out your mental warehouse? Learn how to live with mission instead of distraction today! Curious, Sylvia clicks the article link which says:

What are the characteristics of a Heart-Driven mission statement?

Sparks Inspiration.

When the heart aligns with the imagination, the light of creativity turns on and illuminates a path forward. Words, images, symbols and impressions seemingly emerge out of nowhere to provide words and context to what we stand for.

Provides a Compass.

With a tangible idea planted in the heart, it can lead to clarity and confidence regardless of what appears to be tragic or unexpected. A mission statement allows the heart to recognize life’s spiritual dimensions, and resist the temptation to allow fear to swallow us.

Why am I here on Planet Earth? To improve something? Ignite others? Build connection?

The heart’s true purpose is to love and be loved. It is up to every person to cultivate and sustain an open heart. We must avoid falling prey to ego which seeks to veer us away from love.

When the heart resonates with a mission it facilitates an open dialogue with our values, spiritual gifts and passions. Lifelong learning opportunities abound as one seizes moments to serve, share and support others. The ego cannot dominate the heart when these elements are actively practiced and expressed.

Stands the test of time and exposure.

The impact of a well-practiced mission statement cannot be overstated. Its selfless contributions advance and expand the heart of humankind. A clear and strong heart demonstrates oneness, authenticity, harmony, understanding and empathy to arise in the darkest moments.WHAT’S YOUR MISSION?

“Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face, but with great purpose in heart.

— Gordon B. Hinckley

Might a mission statement be the missing puzzle piece in the center of Sylvia’s life?

After reading the article, the answer reveals a clear yes. Sylvia recognizes the utility of putting together a personal mission statement and leading with the heart and imagination

Sylvia readies herself to write her mission statement.

Close eyes. Sit down. Imagine. Breathe.

Keep a journal and pen next to you. Pretend you find a treasure chest full of your values, spiritual gifts and passions. As you hold up each jewel you see words, images, symbols and impressions. Record your findings.

Move. Listen.

Go to a yoga class and visualize the word MISSION at the top of the mat. Breathe in and Breathe out. As you move in and out of the poses allow your body, heart and mind to ponder what the word means to you. Record your findings.

Seek. Find. Share.

Spend time with a trusted friend or private group to talk about personal mission statements. Exchange ideas and celebrate the birth of a mission statement.

Awaken. Practice.

A mission statement can awaken the whole self and light up others. To keep it alive go out into the world and give it energy. By living with a mission the heart evolves its understanding of inspiration, clarity, purpose and possibilities and widens its reach to move and touch every other living heart.

Join Rita Abdallah, RYT-500 and Caylan Fazio, RYT-200 September 20th for a lively conversation about the basics of creating a personal mission statement that includes guided meditation, yoga and more.

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