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Rita Abdallah is an acclaimed speaker, author and educator

Rita, a leading authority on Stress, Humor, and Self-Care, offers communities personal and professional performance through enrichment, enlightenment, and education. By emphasizing motivation and a common sense approach, Rita’s passion is to promote satisfying lives on the job and beyond.

Community well-being

In times of uncertainty and rapid changes, inspiration is the one thing that never changes and always delivers.

Tools to conquer stress and promote resilience

Learn ways to manage stress before it manages you.

Strategies to balance work/life responsibilities

Create a clear path for living your best life.

Build a humor culture

Discover the power of healthy humor at work.

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11 September, 2019
In the Health Care Industry we are not always cognisant of the value of humor. Rita spoke to the team of Pediatric Social Workers from the Cleveland Clinic on the value of Humor. We not only learned some strategies but more importantly how HUMOR creates a more favorable work environment and overall greater employee satisfaction. HUMOR = Satisfaction. The team in attendance loved what she had to offer. I as the manager, valued what she had to say and have incorporated some of her strategies to be a more effective leader.
Kelly S. Vitello

Kelly S. Vitello

LISW-S, Manager of Care Management and Pediatric Social Work Cleveland Clinic Children’s Rehabilitation
15 January, 2020
We invited Rita Abdallah to speak at our professional conduct seminar and she was fantastic! Every attendee gave Rita a 5 out of 5 stars for her presentation. They also commented: “I could have listened to her for hours”, “Wish she had more time to speak than the hour allotted”, “Well prepared and knows her stuff!”, “Very timely information”. We will definitely invite her to speak again!
Jeannie Motylewski

Jeannie Motylewski

Lorain County Bar Association
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