An attitude of gratitude…why bother? 

These days, research, articles and books highlight the positive benefits of a simple thank you. Are you ready to super-size your gratitude scale? 

A grateful person draws people in, is emotionally stronger and finds richer moments in their daily activities. 

Like any other skill, you can exercise your appreciation muscles for maximum benefits. Start your gratitude practice in small and mighty ways. 

A grateful person finds richer moments in their day-day life.
A grateful person finds richer moments in their day-day life.

Self-awareness is the root of all healthy change. Try these 3 strategies to embrace your Gratitude Guru and boost your long-term happiness.

Hunt for appreciation opportunities. Track your day and notice how much time you spend in a state of gratefulness. Is there room for more acts and expressions of gratitude? Each night, I spend a few moments looking back at my day and writing down three things for which I am grateful. Over time, my journal entries revealed a true appreciation for walking outside, moments with loved ones and material things that bring ease to my days. Gratitude gurus seize opportunities of appreciation to infuse their lives with more joy and greater connection to others. 

Be aware of your gratitude signals. At presentations, I ask audiences, “what is your personal ‘gift’ that you easily share with others?” It stirs them to think about how their unique style of caring with clients, patients or loved ones. Whenever possible, I prefer to thank people in person with thoughtful words and soft eyes. Find natural ways to use your whole self – your voices, gesture and body language to show appreciation. You may share a warm smile, write a heartfelt note or send flowers. Gratitude gurus use their imagination and creativity to find appreciation-driven possibilities from the time they wake up to when they go to sleep. 

Manage your life with gratefulness. Recall a time when you didn’t feel grateful for your life. Imagine every aspect of that moment and notice how you feel right now. Is it pleasant? When you don’t get your way, don’t win or don’t know what’s coming next, your thoughts and hearts feel heavy and dark. Practice gratefulness to step out of yuck and into hope. Gratitude gurus believe that a gratefulness mindset enhances their overall wellness, outlook and productivity in all areas of their lives.

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